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  1. Toad is highly commended
    18 Jul, 2016
    Toad is highly commended
    As part of the Rusthall Arts Festival 2016 local artist Tracey Eliot and poet Charlie Bell collaborated on a piece to commemorate Rusthall’s most famous inhabitant, Toad Rock. The first version, a collage of the words from the poem Toad of Toad Rock and Tracey’s picture elements went on show at The Toad Rock Retreat where it aroused much interest. After a lot of thought the poem was separated out and Tracey produced a separate artwork based closely on the poem. It should be stressed that the
  2. First time for everything
    12 May, 2016
    First time for everything
    It took longer than I thought to set up this website because the way things are done have now changed. My first computer was BBC micro then an Amstrad 1512 and finally an Amstrad PC. You had to spend a lot of time learning how to use them and on the way certain patterns got ingrained. I used to teach computing and the only way I could do it was to break every task down and go through it until the processes stuck in the brain. It was also a time of thick manuals and even thicker instruction books